Cold vs Allergy

Trying to figure out whether you are suffering from a cold or allergies? Some symptoms can be the same for both like sinus pressure or sneezing, but some have distinct differences that lead you right to the cause. Talk to your doctor, then answer these simple questions about your symptoms to figure out if what you are feeling is a cold or allergies.

Question 1:

What kind of mucus is coming out of your nose?

Clear, watery mucus means allergies. Cloudy, thick mucus that may be colored could mean a cold.

Question 2:

Do you have a fever?

Allergies don’t come with a fever. Colds sometimes do.

Question 3:

Do you have an itchy nose?

Colds don’t make you itch. Allergies can.

Question 4:

Do you have sneezing attacks?

If you’re sneezing lots in a row it’s most likely allergies. This doesn’t seem to happen as much with a cold..

Question 5:

Do you have watery eyes?

Allergies can make your eyes water. Not usually with a cold.

Question 6:

Is your appetite the same as usual?

A cold can decrease your appetite. Allergies don’t usually interfere with appetite.

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