About Us

Whaledent Healthcare India is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of various drugs with a strong global presence and Dominant position in the Indian market.

Products are manufactured at state-of-art manufacturing units, with WHO and GMP Certifications along with other stringent international healthcare norms.

The Company owes its leadership to the "Seven Avenues to Super Success" -

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Update Indigenous Technology
  • Research Orientation and Team Work
  • Limited Product Policy
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Total Quality Management
  • Large Production Capacity

Corporate Policy


  • Development and optimization of indigenous technology
  • Continuous innovation of process and systems
  • Optimize sourcing of local inputs and raw materials
  • Invent and innovate efficient and cost effective methods
  • Ensuring consistent quality of end product.


  • Single product policy
  • Elimination of cross contamination.
  • Quality and efficiency through experience and specialization.


  • Induct and retain the best of talent.
  • Working with common objectives and team spirit.
  • Maintaining motivating and positive work environment through
  • Employee empowerment
  • Regular skill improvement through training and development
  • Encouragement and acknowledgement of initiative and excellence
  • Rewarding innovation and performance